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Electronic Gear Select Kit

Push button control for Automatic Vehicles


Another Hollin Applications innovative electronic control for motor vehicles. Using a Linear Actuator to move the gear change on an automatic vehicle, therefore giving simple remote switching for disabled drivers or similar where the gear stick is not required.

Standard Kit as above with everything except cables to convert the vehicle, to a powered gear select.

Comes with a 100mm stroke 12 volt high quality Thomson Linear feedback Actuator. Operating a lever at  340N push/pull at 25mm/second. 6.35mm mount holes at each end allow for a range of mounting options. This will work on the gear lever, on the cable or moving the gearbox arm direct.

New style stainless button and LED panel. The lights next to the buttons will illuminate to show when the correct gear is selected and ready. Easy to fit, use and looks stylish.

Simple two plug 2m cable to connect the switch panel to the electronic control module. ECM  is resin filled and comes with simple on board p otentiometers to adjust the position for each stop. Relay switching of Actuator position and transistor switching of power ensure long life and smooth operation. Actuator is connected via two plugs in simple screw terminal connectors.

Safety inputs to circuit to stop unwanted changes of the gear. Can be connected to the foot or hand brake switch to disable gear select unless brake is on. Power interruption or unwanted reset condition are catered for in a safe manner, with no gear change unless a button is pressed.

Easy set-up procedure to set each stop point, saves time and money.

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