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Bale Wrap Monitor

Basic Unit comes complete with 4 character display, two buttons, single machine sensor, magnet and loud buzzer. Simple input sequence to store the required number of counts and change easily. This data is stored permanently even with power off.

The magnet is fitted to the turning mechanism and the sensor close by. Every rotation of the wrap counts as the magnet passes the sensor. This adds a one to the wrap count store. As the count approaches the required number the alarm will sound and an external 12 volt / 4 Amp supply is output.

Every wrapped bale adds one to both the running and total bale counters, which are permanently store and easily viewed. Either counts can be simply reset. A maximum of 9999 bale counts is available .




100 x 100 x 60mm


10 to 30 volts D.C.


3 m input two core cable


Reverse Polarity protected


4 character, 20 x 50 mm.


15 mm Character height



Magnetic reed sensor


12mm Ø, 5m cable length.


Magnets 10mm Ø x 5mm


IP56 Weatherproof.



ST6265 with data retention

The unit comes with 6mm side bolts for fitting and is weatherproof to be fitted to the wrapper.



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