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Danaher Motion :
Warner Electric

Thomson Linear Actuators incorporate strong, high quality components to assure trouble free operation. Rugged spur gears, aircraft quality lubricants, non corrosive extension tube and high performance motors with thermal protection provide maximum life and value to the user.

Linear motion equivalent to that from a Hydraulic Ram , although simpler to install. Works from DC or AC voltage supplies powering a motor, gear box and lead screw.

Hollin Applications are the experts in Linear Actuator specification and application design. Are always willing to help and advise on a range of possibilities for their use and even help design control systems.

Hollin Applications also offer a service, repair and parts service for all makes of Linear Actuator, with specific knowledge of Agriculture and disability markets.

Specialist Linear Actuator. Precision Linear Actuators, Telescopic Columns, Rotary Actuators, Electronic Controls.

Electrak HD

  • Suprior performance Actuator - loads to 16KN
  • Long strokes available up to 1000mm
  • Flexible onboard controls and electronics
  • Unmatched Environment Protection
  • Can-Bus and Multi unit Synchronisation on-board control available.

Electrak 1 - LA1 Linear Actuators

  • Small Lightweight Aluminium, DC Actuator
  • Strokes 25 to 150mm
  • End of stroke limit switches
  • Anti-Rotation Mechanism
  • Weather Resistant IP65

Electrak 5 and Electrak 10 - LA5 and LA10 Linear Actuators

  • Robust full metal Actuator, full scope of AC and DC motors
  • Strokes 25 to 600mm
  • Overload mechanical clutch as standard.
  • Variety of mechanical and electronic controls and options.
  • Weather Resistant IP65

Electrak 14 and Electrak 24 - LA14, LA24 and FA14 Linear Actuator

  • Anti Rotation version of LA10 units
  • End and midstroke simple magnetic limit switches.
  • Standard motor coupling version for servo, stepper or own drive
  • Side mount and bracket options.
  • Weather Resistant IP66

Electrak E050

  • Small Lightweight, DC Actuator
  • Strokes 25 to 200mm, Loads to 510N
  • End of stroke limit switches, and overload clutch
  • Shortest retract length.
  • Weather Resistant IP56.

Electrak E150

  • Medium Lightweight, DC Actuator
  • Strokes 50 to 400 mm
  • Optional Adjustable End of stroke limit switches
  • Anti-Rotation Mechanism
  • Weather Resistant IP56

Pro Series

  • Heavy Duty DC Actuator, loads to 1 tonne
  • Strokes 50 to 600mm, in Acme and Ballscrew versions
  • Electronic end of stroke cut-out
  • Many mechanical and internal electronic options.
  • Highest environment protection IP66

PPA Actuator

  • Robust and versatile Actuator
  • Strokes from 100 to 900mm
  • End of stroke adjustable limit switches, feedback options.
  • DC and AC versions available, loads to 6670N.
  • Trunnion to clevis mounting.

LM80 Rodless Actuator

  • Rodless Actuator with vertical and horizontal options.
  • Strokes to 1500mm or longer.
  • Rigid self supporting aluminium profile.
  • Loads to 2000N
  • Options of handwind, spline safety function and feedack versions.

New Max-Jac Actuator

  • Long life and reliable
  • High speed with High efficiency
  • Small envelope and Minimal backlash
  • Vibration resistant and a Duty cycle up to 100%
  • Short total length versus stroke
  • High degree corrosion protection.
  • High accuracy position feedback options

Whisper Actuator

  • Compact unit, maintenance free, low cost, lightweight.
  • Strokes to 500mm
  • IP67 Watertight, Washdown and submersible.
  • Loads to 4000N. 2000N Standard
  • Electronic internal or external limit switches.

Column Actuators

  • Self supporting column, low weight and quiet in operation
  • Strokes to 600mm with shortest collapsed length.
  • End of stroke limit switches built in.
  • Loads to 6800N,
  • Parallel control options with encoder.
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