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Electronic Controls and Monitors.

Hollin Applications design and produce a range of electronic controls which can be matched to Actuators, to improe the operatin and versatillity of the linear units.

We also modify many standard Actuators to improve their functionality and use in certain applications, please view the special gallery pages.

Basic Switches for Actuator Motors

  • Pre-Wired Double Pole switches.
  • Metal Toggle units with Optional Cover
  • Rocker Switches
  • Enclosed units with panel idents
  • Weather Resistant IP65 option

Remote Switching for Actuator Motors.

  • Relay Switching in a range of currents.
  • Short circuit, Open Circuit and resistive switch off.
  • Transistor Switching option
  • Circuit boards, Potted units and enclosed units.
  • A wide variety of input switching options.

Basic Electronic Limit Switch circuit with a range of switching options.

  • Sensing the current to the motor, thereofre load and switching the unit off at a preset level.
  • Using the circuitry to allow for low current input switching to then switch high power motors.
  • Short circuit the motor at switch off automatically, to help stop back drive and hold the load.
  • Accurate current curve comparison to allow for very fast switch off.
  • Latching and Auto-Reversing options, outputs for tripped condition and motor direction.

A matched range of Power Supplies and Battery controls for Linear Actuators.

  • A vast range of different power supplies and battery packs to convert varied AC supplies to hight power DC supply for Actuators
  • Can be combined with some of the other circuitry and enclosed to give wall or panel mounted Controllers

Modification of Actuators from Potentiometer to encoder feedback..

  • Various Encoders retro-fitted with a range of output pulse signals.
  • Addition of circuitry to give up/down pulses, and position signals.
  • Can be added to a range of display and switching options to give accurate position information.
DC Controllers

Small DC controller range


Pulse width moulated control to reduce the speed of all DC Actuators to the desired value.

Used in parallel control and can be with ELS circuits.


Electronic position control. Circcuit will balance the signal voltage to the position signal from the potentimeter feedback on a DC linear Actuaor. The input signal, can be from a control knob potentiometer, 0-10 vol signal, 0-20mAmp, or 4-20mAmp signal.

This can be combined with a digital display, showing percent stroke, mm or inch stroke. Also with any power supply unit.

Parallel Controls. A range of electronics to keep 2,3 or 4 units at the same position and not dependant on balanced loads.


Customer specific designs, with multiple Actuator outputs, signal inputs.

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